Master your mind and create the life you desire”

Change Your Life Learn How To Rewire Your Brain &  change Your Subconscious Mind:

Achieve Healthier Thought Patterns For A Better Quality Of Life’

Overcome Obstacles, habits & Reach Any Goal your desire with the  Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Techniques.

Consult Neuroplasticity, Movement & Nutrition


Consult Movement Therapy:

Inmobillity, Stifness, Shoulder, neck, back, knee problems, difficulty relaxing

Fascial Anatomy movement of the body

Gil teaches a functional approach to understand the body in Yoga. An aesthetic approach to yoga focuses on how a pose looks, or worse, how it is “supposed” to look! A functional approach to yoga first determines what part of your body the pose was intended to exercise and then adapts the archetype to everyone’s unique skeleton. The result is less pain, less frustration, and a yoga practice that is completely your own, and develope a body that feels Fit Flexibel Mobile and Strong.

Consult Neuroplasticity of the Mind

Stress, fear, anxiety, panic, worry, stress, burn out. dificulty relaxing, overthinking, busy mind, lack of concentration, to many thoughts, sleeping problems.

“When we understand how the mind works, we can learn to focus it. When we can focus it we can direct it. When we can direct it we can create a calm and focus peacefull mind and create the life that we want”

Neuroplasticity  werkt stress verlagend, maakt je productiever, werkt tijdsbesparend vanwege de grotere focus, concentratie, motivatie, discipline en doorzettingsvermogen. Je geniet meer van het leven, je voelt je daardoor gelukkiger. Door Neuroplasticity leer o.a.  in elke situatie om te gaan met stressvolle situatie en stress of overspannen signalen van het lichaam te herkennen. Het leert je o.a. een meer kalme mind te ontwikkelen zodat je nog meer van het leven kunt genieten.

Het verlaagt stress. Het verbetert je geestelijke welzijn. Het vermindert depressie. Het zorgt voor een betere nachtrust. Het vermindert stemmingswisselingen, vermoeidheid en gevoelens van angst.



Consult Lifestyle management

How to use the neuroscience to end fear anxiety panic worry stress “As your mind changes, your brain changes; and as your brain changes, your mind changes” . How neuroplasticity can change your brain and life. Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your Brain, Reset Your Life it’s time for change. In The Lifestyle management consults we use

  • Neuroplasticity coaching
  • Nutrition consults
  • Movement Therapy

A Full lifestyle management to

  • control and direct your greatest tool, your mind
  • learn and practice concentration
  • develop willpower
  • Create a calm and focust mind
  • Develope a strong flexibel mobile fit body
  • learn a simple, practical and systematic goal orientated approach to help you establish a successful and sustainable mind practice
  • And all of the above benefits in a singel movement, nutrition or neuroplasticity consults.

International online consult & Personal private practice in Rotterdam


1th Consult€120
2nd Consult€90
Lifestyle management €399
Follow up consult €60

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